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  • Backstage with Buzz Out Loud - 10 Years Later

    Backstage with Buzz Out Loud as Tom, Molly, Veronica, Jason & more celebrate with a 10 year reunion at the Hak5 warehouse. Plus, special report on Spectaclefest (word is next year for sure! Or the one after!). All that and more, this time on Hak5


  • Epson Home Cinema 3500 Review, Maltego Finds Hidden Info, 3 Amazing Wearables, Survive Black Friday & Guestapalooza: Veronica, Robert, Jessica, More!

    Today's is a special episode of Tekzilla! We've rounded up all of our favorite people in one place for a Guestapalooza.


  • Quirky's Pivot Power Genius, Spotter Multipurpose Sensor Review. Compress PDF Files. Block Apple TV Remote. Was Your Adobe Account Leaked? Slow Food!

    Pivot Power Genius: the power strip for geeks. Quirky's Spotter Multipurpose Sensor Review. Compress PDF Files. Block Apple TV Remote. Was Your Adobe Account Leaked?


  • Is Mind Control Really Possible?

    This week, hypnotherapist Andrew Gentile pays Veronica a visit to talk discuss whether the depiction of mind control in popular culture is accurate or not.

    Fact or Fictional

  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Tips

    We've stopped posting to the Tekzilla Daily Tip feeds, but head over to where we'll be folding them in to the full show!

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Y: The Last Man and Male Extinction!

    Veronica takes a look at the possibility of male extinction in Y: The Last Man!

    Fact or Fictional

  • Morph Firefox Based on the Website

    Looking to customize your browser based on the websites you visit? Look no further!

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Spider-Man's Amazing Web Shooters! - Fact or Fictional

    This week, Veronica talk with Revision3's own Roger Chang about the possibility of Spider-Man's mechanical web shooters! Could they be built? What kind of material would they shoot? Could they hold Peter Parker's weight? Find out on this week's episode of Fact or Fictional!

    Fact or Fictional

  • Create Self-Extracting Archives in Windows

    Did you know that Windows can create self-extracting extra software required? Here's how!

    Tekzilla Daily Tip

  • Add Metro Style Tiles to Chrome

    If you're a huuuuuge fan of the Metro interface in Windows 8 and you can't be without those helpful tiles, have no fear! We have a great Chrome extension for you.

    Tekzilla Daily Tip