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  • WikiLeaks: CIA can hack into nearly any Android or iOS device

    Visit: Bitbucket dot org/forthecode to start your free account. Article:

    Android Authority

  • Top Security Tech You Need

    Securing your information is more important than ever and these products here do just that.


  • Disney Uses Fingerprint Tracking on Kids!


  • DEF CON 24: Warwalking at DEF CON, Semaphor and Consumer Privacy, Mousejack and Keysniffer - Hak5 2026

    DEF CON 24: Warwalking at DEF CON, Semaphor and Consumer Privacy, Mousejack and Keysniffer, this week on Hak5!


  • How Did This Monkey Sneak Past the TSA?

    This same sort of thing happened in 2012 too ( I guess it's like a hobby to some people.


  • HighSchool Horror Stories! - SourceFed Podcast

    What were your high schools like? Maude's were kinda nice apparently.



    Ke$ha tries to break free from her Sony music after rape allegations.


  • Your Passwords are Predictable, Hak5 1902

    This week on Hak5 the crew discusses the issue with enterprise keyless entry and how predictable our android passcodes can be.


  • Defcon 2015

    This week Darren has a conversation with Chad Rikansrud about Mainframe vulnerabilities and Shannon gets to details on an amazing talk about


  • Do You Hate Paying For Software? Is SMS Secure? The Best $100 Headphones? Live Stream From Video Camera, Roku TV Review, Cord Cutting Adventure!

    What software have you paid money for? We want to know! Are SMS messages really secure? What headphones are the best deal for $100? Streaming live video straight from a camera, and could the Roku TV be a cord cutter's dream?