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  • Government Weed is Weak as F*ck

    The US National Institute on Drug Abuse routinely underestimates the potency of Marijuana by reporting on only low quality strains. Grandma


  • Is Ecstasy the New Medical Marijuana?!


  • Scientists Lie for 50 Years?!


  • 4 Times Governments Dealt FREE DRUGS

    Need a new dealer? Just call the government! They'll set you up with some drugs. Check out this video to see some weird times the government gave out drugs.


  • Meet The Inventor Of Ecstasy

    These founding fathers may not have started countries, but some of their inventions have lasted longer than a few countries.


  • Heroin for Pregnant Women And Other Bizarre Treatments

    Who said there were no benefits to having children? You'll be surprised which hard drugs have been used for medicinal purposes.


  • 10 Creative Ways To Smuggle DRUGS

    Why stuff cocaine inside a Jesus statue when you can just make the entire statue out of cocaine?


  • Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dies at 46

    Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in a New York apartment of an apparent drug overdose


  • Flesh Eating Drug "Krokodil" Hits U.S.!

    There's a drug called krokodil. It makes your skin fall off. To the bone. It's super gross. Don't ever do it. Oh yeah... and people in the US are doing it now.


  • WTFn: Yacht Hacks, Heroin Hacks, Heckling Hackers!

    From yacht hacking to a heroin hack, Annie and Scott run through this week's WTFn.

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