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  • Advanced Flying Techniques - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2010

    Today on Hak5, we're answering some of your viewer questions and we take a drone out into the field for some advanced flying techniques!


  • Flying Practice - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2008

    Learning to fly a quadcopter is a very rewarding experience. In this episode of Hak5, we share our tips for getting comfortable with drones.


  • Drone Building 101: Maiden Flight - Hak5 2006

    In today's episode of Hak5, we're finalizing our build and taking our maiden voyage! Er, flight!


  • Drone Building 101: Firmware Flashing - Hak5 2004

    Today on Hak5 we are finishing the soldering of our new drone's FPV unit, and flashing the firmware with an open source tool.


  • Soldering the Flight Controller - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2003

    We continue our drone build by soldering the flight controller and finalizing the motor wiring!


  • Components - Drone Building 101 - Hak5 2001

    Building a "Drone" is fun and easy once you get the basics down. This is the first episode in a series with the goal to build a general purp


  • New Years Barbeque

    This week on Hak5, Darren and Shannon take time to sit back and relax on the Hak5 couch and talk about some of there favorite tech, tech books, and some good achievements as well as future plans.


  • Onboard FPV Quadcopter Racing

    In the chaos that is moving into the new Hak5 warehouse, Darren leaves the studio for a quadcopter FPV flying session. Ride along and learn about this hobby and the impending FPV doom!


  • Drones vs. The FAA

    The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) loses case against Raphael Pirker, a swiss model aircraft enthusiast. Appeals. Commercial drone use in United States in question.


  • Are You Ready for Drones in 2015?

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says his company is testing Amazon Air Prime, a 30-minute delivery service via drone. A company rep told me they are "ready to enter commercial operations" of drones whenever the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is. The FAA is working to establish rules by 2015, but is the public ready for a sky full of drones?

    What's the Big Deal