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  • Building The Ultimate Gaming Emulator - Hak5 2021

    Building the most awesome console and arcade emulator ever - all that and more, this time on Hak5.


  • How to Get Started with MAME in Linux - Hak5 2020

    This week on Hak5 we're building an Arcade Machine Emulator in Linux!


  • BBM Voice makes phone calls, Final Fantasy all the things, AllCast is out - Google Play Weekly

    In the last episode of Google Play Weekly in 2013, we talk about a huge sale Square Enix is having along with a teaser trailer of Final Fantasy 6. Also, BBM Voice and Channels are coming in 2014, AllCast is out, and more!

    Android Authority

  • Google Play Weekly Episode 2: Nintendo DS Emulator, app turns devices into Chromecasts, and more!

    In Google Play Weekly, Joe Hindy takes a look at some of the biggest news revolving around the Google Play Store. This week, there was a Google Play Update, an app that turns your phone into a Chromecast, a Nintendo DS emulator, and a lot more.

    Android Authority Extras

  • The Best Android Apps of the Month for June 2013

    Joe Hindy takes a look at the best apps released in June of 2013. There are games, and tools, and a minions, oh my!

    Android Authority Extras

  • Top 10 Retro Games on Ouya

    Ouya is a $99 Android gaming consol that has a special place in the hearts of many because of the indie and old school games. We take a closer look at the top 10 games on Ouya.

    MobileGeeks Daily

  • Gaming! Overclock Your PC, Get Free Games, and Turn Your Phone into a Retro Arcade!

    This week on Lifehacker, we're all about the games. We're going to show you some of the best places to buy games (and get free games), run down how to overclock your PC, and even turn your smartphone into a retro arcade. This is Lifehacker episode 35.


  • Secure Passwords the Old School Way...But Better, a Javascript PC Emulator, Rainbow Tables and more!

    This time on the show, Shannon demonstrates a novel password management technique. Darren explains Time Memory Trade-off and Rainbow Tables. Jason gets started programming for Windows Azure and it's Linux in your web browser time! Plus, a PC Emulator in Javascript.


  • BackTrack 5 VM with Wireless and Linux on a Dingoo Digital

    This time on an exciting brand-new-studio edition of Hak5 we're getting hands on with the latest version of BackTrack-Linux, configuring virtual machines and wireless. Shannon's flashing the firmware on a Dingoo Digital A320 and installing a custom distro of Linux and so much more.


  • The Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, Nintendo DS emulators and QT programming

    This time on the show Shannon joins us "in studio" to go over a little signal sampling. Jenn has just the emulator for the Nintendo DS-less, and Jason kicks off a series on programming using the QT SDK.