• Luke Cage's Pal Misty Knight: EXPLAINED!

    With Luke Cage premiering this week on Netflix Sam Bashor gives you the rundown on the other major Marvel character premiering in the series

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  • Never Stand Again - Self Driving Chairs Help You Be Lazy

    I want one as soon as possible.


  • What to expect from Google's Oct. 4 Event

    Use Coupon Code "Android" at checkout Article:

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  • Google Pixel: Here's What's Coming

    Google announced a mysterious event for October 4th and we're here to talk about what the expected Pixel phones will feature!


  • The Lion King "Live Action" Remake? EVERYTHING WE KNOW about Jon Favreau's Reboot!

    Jon Favreau is directing a Live Action Lion King Remake aka Reboot and we've got all the details! Plus updates on the death of Blackberry!

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  • DerbyCon 6.0 2016: Hack My Derby Contest - Hak5 2105

    Hak5 heads to Louisville, KY for DerbyCon 6.0, to chat with the founder of DerbyCon plus the winners of the Hack My Derby Contest!


  • Kylie Jenner Wore A Du-Rag In Public?

    Fashionista Kylie Jenner wore a durag to New York's Fashion week leaving many confused with questions of cultural appropriation. Our host Wi

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  • Can You Sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11?

    For the first time, the US Congress overrode a Presidential veto from Barack Obama.


  • WTF?! The PC Police Strike Down The Innocent! #Pray4Pepe

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  • i hate goobyes...

    Sup you beautiful bastards?! Enjoy and welcome back!